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Committed to ensuring wellbeing of the generations, the physical and psychological wellbeing of the people.

Explore the power of fragrances on your emotional and mental wellbeing. Mayika Naturals presents 100% plant based essential oil blends curated for the specific emotional needs of the users.


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Mayika Naturals

Essential oil blends prepared from plant extracts that retain the natural smell and flavour. Smells of lavender, chamomile and rosewater can help keep you calm, improve your mood and help you relax.

Smart Champ

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For Women


For Professionals

The vision of Mayika Naturals is to spread love and light to everyone

dr maya, Mayika Naturals,

Dr Maya Rajesh

Founder &CEO

A believer and a reputed facilitator of aroma-based healing. 

Dr Maya Rajesh entered the world of essential oil-based product line in the year of 2017 for a reason – to help enhance the mindfulness of people around the globe by the means of her extensive research backed knowledge and experience in understanding of the nature and its healing capabilities. It took her 15 years to launch MAYIKA NATURALS after completing her doctoral programme (PhD) in essential oils and their biochemistry, the long journey wherein she was an Assistant Professor of Life Sciences, a renowned wellness counsellor, mentor and a coach to many young people around the world, Aura Reader, and a decipherer of chakras and energy, apart from being a mother of two teenagers!


As a training organization we are conducting different types of trainings. The participants vary from 20 to 450. In which ever training we have used the product ‘SMARTCHAMP’ we could see the difference in learning and retaining capacity of the participants. Actually this product has enhanced the acquiring and retention capacity and helped them to be in a good and relaxed mood. Thank you SMARTCHAMP and thank you Maya for this amazing product. I recommend this product for all especially students.
Dr. Jiji Vijayan
MD, Lifeline Mindcare
I have been using ProExcel for the last few months before facilitating any workshop... It helps boost my confidence and deliver more effectively than before... Thank you Dr. Maya for this wonderful gift. I would certainly recommend it to other professionals to use it to enhance their energies.
Varsha Punwani
ProExcel, is effective in keeping me energized. Even in hectic days with a great number of patients, this product has helped me stay energized till evening. As a practising Ayurveda Physician, i was very critical while using this product. But i could really feel myself staying energized even on hectic days of practice
Dr. Krishna Kumar Ms
Chief Physician, Alikkal Ayurvedics
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