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"For Her"

Each HappyHer product you proudly trust is made by the unique blending of ten essential oils - Citronella oil, Eucalyptus oil, Palmarosa oil, Basil oil, Cinnamon leaf oil, Clove bud oil, Cypriol, Frankincense oil, Lemongrass oil and Rosemary oil.

A woman is an all-rounder that works all guns blazing all day long. Our ‘HappyHer’ essential oil blend is to help the always-on woman the much needed on-the-go relaxation. With 10 synergistic ingredients to fortify the inner strength, and take away fatigue in a jiffy, HappyHer is proving to be a “must have” in every superwoman’s personal pouch, which would be a part of her lifestyle from the first use! Each HappyHerproduct you proudly trust is made by the unique blending of ten essential oils - Citronella oil, Eucalyptus oil, Palmarosa oil, Basil oil, Cinnamon leaf oil, Clove bud oil, Cypriol, Frankincense oil, Lemongrass oil and Rosemary oil.

This is a product designed specifically for women. It should by now be clear that, depending upon the thoughts we harbour in our subconscious minds, we have a corresponding vibrational energy and, hence, a corresponding quality of life. Thus, it follows that in order to enhance the quality of life, there must be a positive shift in our thought pattern at the subconscious level. Enhancing self-esteem and self love is the easiest and surest way to bring about this change. Once these traits are improved, we begin to experience the decisive positive impact in every facet of our lives. So, any woman who desires to cherish and honour her feminity should use HappyHer

Well, every woman! Even those for whom all is well, there are certain hidden pockets where improvements are still possible. Even those who have made a mark in one aspect may still have utilised only a fraction of their unlimited innate potential. For example, an Olympian who is regarded as the best may not have reached the zenith of her performance. Furthermore, there will still be aspects where she is quite primitive. When such unidentified areas of our Johari window are opened, we would get glimpses of ourselves where improvements can be had effortlessly.

Thus, there is a strong case for even successful women to be benefitted by using HappyHer!

We have indicated the synergistic effect of affirmations on the aroma. This blend of aromatic oil is rubbed on the wrist for easy inhalation. The roll-on is rubbed just once up and once down. It is generally done twice a day, early in the morning, and late in the evening. While inhaling the aroma, you can repeat the affirmations with either (a) focussing within and eyes closed or (b) looking straight right into your own eyes in a mirror, and trying to connect to your own deeper self.

On particularly stressful days, this can be applied more often, up to four or five times a day.

The appropriate affirmations are given . [] While repeating the affirmations, you can inhale the aroma three or four times.

It is seen that women have certain special problems. Sometimes these are considered as gyne- cological and / or hormone related problems. But on closer observations these can sometimes / often be related to attitudinal problems. If they are so, HappyHer can produce quick and effective solutions.

Womanhood is Nature’s gift, the special privilege given to women. What can be more fulfill- ing and joyful than motherhood? Yet women are often found not to honour their womanhood, and to complain that they have been unfairly dealt with. Failure to honour womanhood can manifest in the form of menstrual and hormone related discomforts and periods (pun intended!) of depression.

In such situations, consult a gynecologist by all means. But using HappyHer and consciously thinking positive thoughts can work wonders. After all, it is thoughts, and thoughts alone in the ultimate analysis, that make us happy or sad.

We repeat for emphasis: Mayika Naturals are not medicines. Administering these products is not a substitute for medical help. These aromatic blends, however, may help faster response to medical treatment.

He Magic

“I honour the man in me.”

This is exclusively for men to accept and honour the masculinity in them. Being a go-getter, protector, provider, and one who makes things happen, are some of the masculine traits that need to be accepted, honoured and complied with. Rubbing the roll-on over the wrist and inhaling the aroma enables a man to honour himself.



“For Professionals”

Professionals working in stressful or unmotivated environment have always considered ProExcel a blessing for its ingredients have enormous benefits on mind and body

In the bygone times, only those professionals in the corporate ecosystem faced the need to stay up each time, every time, tirelessly. With the substantial increase in the number of companies and collapses, the employee of today’s world in every single sector is a part of an unending competition. Corporate training sessions and motivation just alone can’t ensure the wellbeing of professionals. That is the reason why MAYIKA NATURALS launched ProExcel to Indian marketplace!

Well, almost every human being, irrespective of gender, educational qualifications, and social status. Nearly everybody has a problem at the place of work, some real, but more often merely perceived. Our mind is unable to accept certain situations. The ability to accept cheerfully what is offered to us is a great blessing; it is seen only rarely. Such exceptional persons do not need any corrective measures; in fact, they can be the role models for others to emulate.
4There is the well known story of two stone cutters. One of them, when asked what he was doing, answered that he was cutting stones. The other one, who was also doing the same work, answered that he was building the Taj Mahal / Westminster Abbey. Let us all build the Taj Mahal / Westminster Abbey!

Usually twice a day, morning and evening. On particularly stressful days, such as (i) after
/ during a prolonged meeting, (ii) after unpleasant exchanges with the boss or colleagues,
(iii) after denial of a promotion, salary hike, transfer to a different place / section, and (iv) unexpected reverses, inhaling the aroma along with the appropriate affirmations four or five times a day will help. As always, a positive frame of mind will produce magical results

ProExcel is generally recommended to find solutions for problems related to your work such as: this is not the job that I deserve; this is not the way I should be treated; I stick to this job, because I have no choice; I do all the hard work, but all the credit goes to him; and so on. Some of these problems may be real, but more often they are not. The correction to be made is in the way we look at them. In other words, they are only perceived to be problems.

ProExcel is composed of the following essential oils mixed in the right proportion to bring forth the desired results.

  • Camphor oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Cinnamon leaf oil
  • Cypriol oil
  • Celery oil
  • Davana oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Teatree oil

Here also almond oil is the carrier oil used.

Smart Champ

"For Students"

The positive energy levels of SmartChamp users and their capabilities to connect and engage with the competitive world with a pleasant outlook are the reflections of MAYIKA NATURALS. SmartChamp is a carefully crafted blend of nine authentic ingredients - Lemongrass oil, Cardamom oil, Sandalwood oil, Basil oil, Chaulmoogra oil, Spearmint oil, Chamomile oil, Palmarosa oil and Frankincense oil

Our next generation—the future jetsetters— study more, play more, relax more and gain more in order to be the best. The amount of stress among students due to their inevitable exposure to the constantly changing modern day world is something to be addressed. With our ‘SmartChamp’, the unique blend of nine ingredients is meant to help them focus in studies, be mindful and alert, as well as improve their memory in order to get cracking on the all learning activities during their growing up years.

SmartChamp helps in the different facets of learning such as grasping, retention, and retrieval when needed. Grasping encompasses various situations such as in a classroom lecture, demonstration in a lab, discussion in a conference, and written material in books. It is observed that regular use of SmartChamp weans them from distracting outside influences such as overindulgence in video games.

Students of all ages! Learning is a lifelong process and SmartChamp enhances the pleasure in learning. There will always be certain hidden pockets where improvements are still possible. Even those who have made a mark in one aspect may still have utilised only a fraction of their unlimited innate potential

SmartChamp is composed of the following essential oils mixed in the right proportion to bring forth the desired results.

  • Lemongrass oil
  • Cardamom oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Basil oil
  • Spearmint oil
  • Chamomile oil
  • Palmarosa oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Chaulmoogra oil
  • Almond oil

Each of the various essential oils of SmartChamp plays a specific role. Some of them are the following.

  1. Self-sabotage and underplay: Palmarosa oil uplifts spirit, relaxes muscles and nerves, fights fatigue and nervousness. It is also known to be effective against irritability and restlessness. Spearmint oil is used as a mood booster, and it helps relax.
  2. Depression: Chamomile oil is very effective in fighting depression. Frankincense oil also has this property and reduces anxiety.
  3. Aversion to learning, survival problems, and reluctance / aversion to live Lemongrass oil prevents drowsiness, and boosts energy levels. Citronellal and eugenol in Lemongrass cause an increase in the serotonin levels, thereby enhancing the mood. Cardamom oil stimulates the entire system, and has a fortifying influence. It reduces drowsiness and improves concentration.
  4. Unable to accept school, teachers, subject, syllabus, or other ground realities: As we have already seen, Frankincense oil has anti-anxiety and anti-depression effects. Spearmint oil is a mood booster that improves relaxation.
  5. Hopelessness and inability to deal with studies: Lemongrass, as we have seen, prevents drowsiness and boosts the energy levels. Citronella and eugenol cause an increase in the serotonin levels, thereby enhancing the mood. Likewise, Cardamom oil stimulates the entire system and has a fortifying influence. It reduces drowsiness and improves concentration.
  6. Fear, anxiety, intimidation, tension and stress: Frankincense oil and Basil oil enhance dopamine levels to improve the mood, decrease pain and generates pleasure. The former has been shown to reduce the heart rate and high blood pleasure. It also has anti-anxiety abilities. The latter with its warm aroma, can be calming and refreshing. It promotes mental alertness and lessens feelings of anxiety.
  7. Examination as a challenge, battle or war: Lemongrass oil has a sedating and calming effect. It may help relieve stress and anxiety. It is both a stimulant and a relaxant. Basil oil, as stated above, can be calming and refreshing. It lessens anxiety.
  8. Rebellion, disobedience, and passive aggressive behaviour towards authorities: Chamomile oil promotes inner calmness, reduces anxiety, and regulates stress level. The role of Spearmint oil as a mood booster and a stress alleviator has already been mentioned.
  9. Over-confidence, diffidence, and reluctance to take charge and own your life: Sandalwood oil, with its calming effect combined with the ability to impart mental alertness, plays a significant role in boosting self-confidence. Palmarosa oils also helps uplift the spirit and reduce anxiety.
  10. Feeling of being compared and pressurised (People don’t understand me; my self-esteem is at a low ebb; I feel humiliated, unworthy and not good enough; I cannot hold my head high, etc.): These are some of the maladies that students often have. These self-limiting thoughts produce an adverse effect on the students. Basil oil is reputed to stimulate, clarify, calm and fortify the mind. Cardamom oil encourages the whole system, thus revitalising the spirit.
  11. Blankness (without a plan, dream), no lateral thinking and inability / resistance to implement plans: Cardamom oil improves concentration. It helps boost clarity, direction, motivation, enthusiasm, confidence, courage and purpose. Sandalwood oil, as we have already discussed, helps to improve concentration and alertness.
  12. Disconnectedness from studies: Sandalwood oil, in addition to all that is said above, has spiritual aspects as it enables the students to grow beyond the perceived obstacles. It also allows the students to relax to a peaceful state. Palmarosa oil complements the above to relieve nervous exhaustion.
  13. Addictions of various kinds, especially to electronic gadgets: Sandalwood oil, with all its far reaching properties, helps to stay focussed. Together with Frankincense and Spearmint oils, it activates our inner strength, thus overcoming additions.
  14. Procrastination: Frankincense oil, Basil oil, and Lemongrass oil compelement one another and produce refreshing and stimulating effects. They also relieve stress and anxiety.

Morning Freshness

“Stay fresh.”

The natural freshness of cardamom and ginger is mild, soothing, and reviving. This is seen to overcome dullness. Anyone can use it at any time of the day, but it is most helpful to overcome the morning sickness of pregnancy (‘I am safe’ is the affirmation to be used). This is not a medicine. The natural aroma of cardamom and ginger in an almond oil base is quite safe for use during pregnancy.


Disclaimer  : Not a medicine. For external use only. 

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