Morning Freshness

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The natural freshness of cardamom and ginger is mild, soothing, and reviving. This is seen to overcome dullness.

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Anyone can use it at any time of the day, but it is most helpful to overcome the morning sickness of pregnancy (‘I am safe’ is the affirmation to be used). This is not a medicine. The natural aroma of cardamom and ginger in an almond oil base is quite safe for use during pregnancy.  

Ingredients: Cardamom essential oil and Ginger essential oil in a base of almond oil.

7 reviews for Morning Freshness

  1. arjun

    Excellent product, beautifully packed , feeling elated using it

  2. Rani anand

    Very Refreshing Aroma

  3. Sapna Rajesh

    Very effective and refreshing.loved it.

  4. Viji santhosh

    OMG’s really amazing.wonderful product.loved it.

  5. Arathi Krishna

    Very good product.Really works.

  6. Santhi Prabhakar

    Iam person who has travel sickness since my childhood.But now I found a very useful product which gives me great relief from motion sickness.

  7. Parvathy MU

    During my initial days of pregnancy I was struggling with morning sickness and vomiting tendency which made me confined to bedroom all the time.. Morning freshness roll on was of great help in overcoming my morning sickness and reduced my vomiting tendency to a very large extent. I would highly recommend from my personal experience as this a natural product and very safe to use for pregnant ladies

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