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In the bygone times, only those professionals in the corporate ecosystem faced the need to stay up each time, every time, tirelessly. With the substantial increase in the number of companies and collapses, the employee of today’s world in every single sector is a part of an unending competition. Corporate training sessions and motivation just alone can’t ensure the wellbeing of professionals. That is the reason why MAYIKA NATURALS launched ProExcel to Indian marketplace!

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Camphor oil, Cinnamon leaf oil, Cypriol oil, Celery oil, Davana oil, Sandalwood oil, Lavender oil and Tea tree oil are extracted from the purest sources to blend in scientific proportions to make each ProExcel product, that help professionals to concentrate better, have renewed energy and feel refreshed to take up the next task.


Professionals working in stressful or unmotivated environment have always considered ProExcel a blessing for its ingredients have enormous benefits on mind and body:

Camphor oil is an effective stimulant with a rejuvenating effect, the essential oil stimulates nerve ending. It also helps alleviate sluggishness and lethargy.

Cinnamon leaf oil has stimulant properties. It helps reduce drowsiness, improves mood and relieves depression. It boosts energy.

Celery oil has energetic and emotional effect in aromatherapy. It is a neurotonic, myotonic, a cleansing stimulant and a sedative. It helps fight anxiety and infections.

Davana oil is a known anti-depressant, antiseptic, antiviral, disinfectant, expectorant and relaxant. It also promotes healing of wounds, and helps counter anxiety, irritability and tension.

Sandalwood oil has a calming effect and helps eliminate tension and by relaxing the nerves.

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  1. Pawan Kumar

    Go for it guys!! Worth the buy! Pleasant aroma, makes u really calm and focused !!

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