Smart Champ


The positive energy levels of SmartChamp users and their capabilities to connect and engage with the competitive world with a pleasant outlook are the reflections of MAYIKA NATURALS. SmartChamp is a carefully crafted blend of nine authentic ingredients – Lemongrass oil, Cardamom oil, Sandalwood oil, Basil oil, Chaulmoogra oil, Spearmint oil, Chamomile oil, Palmarosa oil and Frankincense oil.

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Our next generation—the future jetsetters— study more, play more, relax more and gain more in order to be the best. The amount of stress among students due to their inevitable exposure to the constantly changing modern day world is something to be addressed. With our ‘SmartChamp’, the unique blend of nine ingredients is meant to help them focus in studies, be mindful and alert, as well as improve their memory in order to get cracking on the all learning activities during their growing up years.


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